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Why Victoria University of Bangladesh

As a student at Victoria University of Bangladesh ( VUB ), you will have the opportunity to define your own meaning of true success. We are here to help you with flexible entry and exit points into our courses, academic and personal support. VUB effectively helps you grow as an individual and enjoy the ride in your life.

 VUB is promoted with a view to offering high quality professional education in the areas of business, technology, humanities and other disciplines. The emergence of technology driven and globally compatible education focuses on the need to reshape the existing system into a more methodical and dynamic endeavor to face the challenges of the 21st century. Based on intellectual creativity and technical competency, mostly qualified faculties having education from the western world teach at VUB to help you create managerial, professional and technological skills. The mission of VUB is to provide the most articulated education to the promising young men and women enabling them to take up the overwhelming and newer challenges of the century.

VUB received approval of the University Grants Commission and the Government of Bangladesh on 31 May 2003, for functioning as a full-fledged university under the Private University Act of 1992 as amended in 1998.